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Circles of Confusion

Circles of Confusion renews where Field of View ended. More mystery unfolds in rural, God fearing Mayweather, Texas. James Ray tries to adjust to the realization that his mother’s infidelity has left him with two fathers, not one. Given the ineptness of local authorities, protagonist J.B. Turman, again turns citizen detective as he attempts to root out who is behind a spate of recent arsons & robberies. Despite the ongoing mayhem and confusion, romance finds a way.

Field of View

On her nineteenth birthday, a girl jumps to her death from the window of a twenty-two story Dallas hotel. The ramifications of her suicide soon reach the backwaters of a rural God-fearing town ninety miles northeast of Dallas. In the early fifties, Mayweather, Texas, is a town where the social order is stratified, women are often objectified, people of color suffer from the sting and humiliation of racial oppression and seemingly ordinary lives often harbor dark secrets.

Everything heats up when a shocking Polaroid photograph is discovered by a cleaning lady at the town’s shabby and disheveled Lone Star Hotel. The image is pornographic. Protagonist J.B. Turman, likes to tie up loose ends and for things to make sense. He thinks he can recall having seen the girl in the photograph elsewhere. But, where and when? Disturbed by the image and the possibility that a pornographer is on the loose, he organizes a disparate group of citizens to investigate.


"This is a damn good read!"

"From the first paragraphs of this book, I was hooked. I entered the fascinating world of small town east Texas. The novel ripped along like a Dickensian novel with many twists and turns that kept you eager and guessing about what would happen next. The character and wisdom of the main character J.B. drew you into his frame of reference and sympathetic to his point of view. He demonstrated the ability to be strong and "man up" when situations demanded it yet always retaining his sense of empathy, decency and goodness. Mr. Pirtle's writing is fluid and polished. The dialect and descriptions of small town backwater Texas are perfectly charming. You can hear and see the action as it unfolds. This book is easily classified as a "good read". Will there be more to come from this author? I hope so!
-Maxine Charlesworth

I've been needing a good page-turner! And unlike most that fall into that category, this one is so well written. I can't put it down. Plus, this is more than just a mystery. It's a human interest story. The characters are so well developed I feel like they're family members. I'd love to see this on the big screen, maybe as a series. And can't wait to start on the sequel when it comes out. I would recommend this book to everyone I know--I hope more people get the chance to read it!

Mr. Pirtle has written a great story that really captures your attention. I love all of the plots and his character development is deep, broad, and thorough. He extends his excellent characterization into their speech and thought patterns. I can really see and hear them in my mind. I love to read, I read all the time. Such a well written book is a joy to find! Thank you!
-Honest Input

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First time author Jack Pirtle was born and raised in northeast Texas. He attended segregated schools during the Jim Crow forties and fifties. “I was walking around with this story in my head for much of my adult life,” he says. “Further, I was eager to have my youthful teenage experiences take the shape and form of regional fiction.”

Pirtle holds a masters degree in education from the University of Arizona. He taught social studies and photography at Sunnyside High School and Pima Community College in Tucson. His high school photography students won local, state and national awards for their creativity. He is the father of six children and the grandfather of eleven. He lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife Klaire.

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